Automated emails

Create Campaign-specific automated email templates that can be sent during the call process i.e. "Meeting confirmation" or "We tried to call you". Emails sent via FlashDialler will generate an Activity in Connectwise of type "Email" and will copy the body of the email into the Activity notes. The activity will automatically be closed.

To start creating automated emails, select a Campaign from the Campaign review screen. 

Select the "Automated emails" tab within the Campaign detail screen. 

To create a new email template, select the "Create new email" button. A window will display containing a text editor area.

  • Give the template a meaningful name e.g. "Meeting booked"
  • Add the subject of the email e.g. "Meeting confirmation"
  • Emails can be sent to either external Contacts or internal Members. Select the "External email" checkbox if this email is to be used for sending to Contacts
  • Add your email content to the text editor area and format using the text editor
  • Add fields from the "ConnectWise Manage Fields" dropdown list which will automatically use ConnectWise fields to customise the email i.e. [Contact First name] [Contact Last name]

Select the "Save" button when finished.