Data assignment

Contacts will need to be assigned to FlashDialler Members before they can appear in their call list. A Contact can only be assigned to one Member at a time, but they can be moved between them if required.

A contact group will  need to be added to the Campaign before they can be assigned in FlashDialler. For more information on Campaigns, click here to watch the "Creating Campaigns" video.

Contacts from the group will initially display in the "Unassigned contacts" table on the left side of the tab.

Select the Contacts you wish to assign, followed by the Member you wish to assign them to. Press the "Assign" button, and the Contacts will be moved from the "Unassigned contacts" table and assigned to the selected Member. Click here to watch the "Data assignment" video.

Points to consider:

  • Selecting more than one Member at a time will allow you to equally distribute the selected Contacts between them
  • Assigning Contacts to a Member does not remove the Contacts from the group. The group serves as a source of Contacts to which FlashDialler can create a call list.



Reassigning contacts

It is possible to remove contacts from a Members list and reassign to another member - this is particularly useful if an employee were to leave mid-campaign.


To reassign or unassign contacts, select either the "Started" or "Not started" numerical link from the members row. 

Please note: Calls that have been started can only be re-assigned to another user whereas calls not started can be moved back to the "Unassigned contacts" list.


To reassign contacts, select the contacts you wish to move from the left table followed by the new member from the left table.

Select the "Reassign" button.

Contacts will now be reassigned to the new member.

Unassigning contacts

To unassign contacts, select the "Not started" numerical link from the "Members" table.

Select the contacts you wish to unassign, followed by the "Unassign" button.