Call outcomes

Outcomes are the results of the conversations with your contacts, for example “Book an appointment” or “Not interested”. They appear as buttons on the call page, making for an easy and fast method of updating ConnectWise with the results of the call, with minimal user intervention.

'No outcome'

Each outcome can be grouped to provide better reporting; for example, your groups could be “Hot”, “Warm” or “Cold”. The results of these outcomes are saved to a configuration file against the company and contact records. You will need to create outcome groups for every Campaign - you can create a maximum of three. 

In addition to the three outcome groups, FlashDialler creates another group titled "No outcome" and contains the following outcomes:

1. No answer

2. Left voicemail

3. Unavailable

4. Left message

Selecting any of these outcomes will offer the following options:

1. If the call is a new call, you can simply leave it as unscheduled and return it to the end of the non-scheduled call list. A previously scheduled call will need to be rescheduled.

2. Schedule it for a specific date. This will create a todo activity in ConnectWise Manage

3. Schedule it for a specific date/time. This will create a Calendar activity in ConnectWise Manage


Creating outcomes

To begin adding new outcomes, you will initially need to create an outcome group. Select the "Create outcome group" button and enter the following information:

  1. Choose a name for the outcome group
    • This name will appear as a heading in the outcomes panel along with the "No outcomes" group.
  2. Does this outcome group contain "successful" outcomes? 
    • The dashboard displays statistics on calls made and the successes achieved. Selecting this as a successful outcome will ensure it can be correctly reported on.
  3. Sort order
    • Buttons are displayed vertically in the outcomes panel. This controls the order of the buttons from right to left.

Once all the information is entered, select the the "Add outcome" button.

Add the name of your outcome e.g. Book a meeting. 

Next activity options

In some situations, you may want a new activity to be created e.g. Book a quote. In other situations, such as information gathering, e.g. Attendance at an event, you may not want a new activity created for the contact. 

The options available are;


Select the type of Activity that will be created when this Outcome is selected. 

Activity types denoted with a "flash" symbol are those types that FlashDialler has been configured to manage from the System Settings page. By selecting an Activity type that FlashDialler doesn't manage, will effectively close any further Activity for the contact. By selecting the tick box, allows the Member to over-ride this setting when in the call page.


This populates the Activity summary field in ConnectWise Manage when the new Activity is created.

By selecting the tick box, allows the Member to edit this field when in the call page.

Assign next activity

Check this box if you would like to display the Member list, allowing the Activity to be reassigned to another Member.

Keep existing Member assigned

Check this box if you would like the current Activity Member to stay linked to the next Activity, as well as the reassigned Member.


Select a default duration for the next Activity i.e. 5 minutes for a call or 1 hour for an appointment.

Selecting the tick box allows the Member to edit the duration when in the call page.

Link to Campaign

This option will control if the next Activity will remain linked to the current Campaign, linked to another Campaign or not linked to a Campaign at all.


Display opt-out options

If selected, check boxes are displayed when the call is closed, allowing the user to update the Contact and/or Company records with a "do not call" flag. 

FlashDialler automatically checks for this flag before serving calls, preventing Contacts and Companies from being called when they've requested not to be.

To use this function, you will need to proceed through several steps. Click here for full instructions.

Actions following this outcome

Create a new Opportunity

Check this option if you would like an Opportunity to be created in ConnectWise Manage when this Outcome is selected. 

The next Activity Member will automatically be assigned to the Opportunity and all call note history copied from the Activity.

Add Contact to Track

Check this option if you would like a track to be initiated in ConnectWise Manage when this Outcome is selected. The next Activity Member will automatically be assigned to this track.

Send an Email

Check this option to automatically send an email "behind the scenes", to an internal team Member when this Outcome is selected i.e. You have been assigned a new Activity.