Configuring Campaigns overview

FlashDialler is tightly integrated with ConnectWise Manage Marketing Campaigns. You can create a Campaign directly from FlashDialler.

Find out how by watching this brief video.

To configure a Campaign, you will need to edit the following five tabs:

  1. Data assignment
    • Contacts from the Group that is associated with the Campaign will need to be assigned to a specific FlashDialler Member. Contacts can be assigned, unassigned and reassigned.
  2. Automated emails
    • Emails can be created and customised using ConnectWise Manage fields and can be automatically sent when a call outcome is selected to either an extenal contact or ConnectWise Member.
  3. Outcomes
    • Outcomes are the result of the calls and will determine what happens next i.e. Book an appointment or Not interested. These can be customised for every campaign.
  4. Configuration data
    • FlashDialler integrates with ConnectWise Manage Configurations to provide a method of capturing technical data back to ConnectWise i.e. Number of servers etc.
  5. Scripts
    • Scripts can be created for each campaign to help guide the dialler through a structured conversation. This is a great tool for new members of the team. 


Once the above information has been added to the Campaign, a phone icon will display on the dashboard next to the Campaign, for the assigned Members. 

You can now start making calls.