Configuring Campaigns overview

FlashDialler is tightly integrated with ConnectWise Manage Marketing Campaigns. Before you can start making calls, you will need to create a Campaign in ConnectWise and allocate a group of contacts to it. You can find out more about campaigns and how to set them up, at the ConnectWise University

Once you have created your Campaign, you will be able to access it from the Campaigns review screen.

Select the Campaign you wish to edit.

Selecting a Campaign will open the record, allowing you to add the information required to make calls.

These are separated into the following five tabs;

  1. Data assignment
    • Contacts from the ConnectWise Manage Campaign will need to be assigned to a specific FlashDialler Member. Contacts can be assigned, unassigned and reassigned.
  2. Automated emails
    • Emails can be created and customised using ConnectWise Manage fields and can be automatically sent when a call outcome is selected to either an extenal contact or ConnectWise Member.
  3. Outcomes
    • Outcomes are the result of the calls that have been made i.e. Book an appointment or Not interested. These can be customised for every campaign.
  4. Configuration data
    • FlashDialler integrates with ConnectWise Manage Configurations to provide a method of capturing technical data back to ConnectWise i.e. Number of servers etc.
  5. Scripts
    • Scripts can be created for each campaign to help guide the dialler through a structured conversation. This is a great tool for new members of the team. 


Once the above information has been added to the Campaign, a phone icon will display on the dashboard next to the Campaign, for the assigned Members. 

You can now start making calls.