Call scripts

Create multiple call scripts to help guide users through the calling process.

The scripts will be displayed on the left hand side of the call page and are unique to each Campaign. Members can switch between scripts whilst on a call by selecting the dropdrown named "Scripts". The script can be popped out into a separate window by clicking the arrow icon on the top right of the script box.

Creating a script

To create a Campaign script, select the Campaign from the Campaigns review screen.

Open the "Scripts" tab and select the "Create new script" button.

Give the script a name and enter its content.

ConnectWise Manage fields can be added, which will display call-specific data within the script. These are updated in real-time.

If you would like this script to appear as default on the call page, tick the 'Set as default' checkbox.

Select the "Save" button once finished.

To edit a script, select the campaign and open the "Scripts" tab.

Simply select into the script you wish to edit.

Edit the text and apply formatting using the text editor.

Select the "Update" button when finished.