Editing call data

The call screen is split into the following sections:

  • Company and Contact data
    • Edit existing data or create new contacts
  • Site details
    • Edit existing data or create a new site
  • Configuration data
    • Displays questions added to the Campaign Configuration file
  • Call notes
    • Some call notes are automatically saved to ConnectWise e.g. Call Outcome, if and email was sent. Additional call notes can be added if required.
  • All Company Activities
    • View all historical Activity for the Company being called¬†
  • Campaign script
    • Ensure you stay on message with the Campaign call script
  • Outcomes and follow ups
    • Outcomes determine how the call ends

What's happening in ConnectWise Manage?

All fields on the call page are "live", so when these are edited, ConnectWise will automatically update in real-time. This will be confirmed by a green tick next to the edited field. 

If you've added items to the "Configuration data" area, this data will be saved to a configuration file which is automatically linked to the Company and Contact records.

The Configuration file will also store the Outcome for the call.