Opening the call screen

Once the Campaign has been configured, and calls assigned, a telephone icon will display next to the campaign on the homepage dashboard along with another icon that links to the contents of the call cycle. 

Calls can be started immediately by clicking on the phone icon or alternatively from the call cycle icon. 

Watch a call being started from the phone icon

Watch a call being started from the call cycle


Please note: There must be at least one outcome to begin calling from a Campaign. If no outcomes have been created, an exclamation mark icon will be displayed. Click into the Campaign and open the "Outcomes" tab to create an Outcome.

In what order are calls served?

When first starting work on a Campaign, all calls are held in the unscheduled call cycle and will be served in a random order. As the Campaign is progressed, and follow-ups created, FlashDialler will automatically serve scheduled calls before serving those from the unscheduled call cycle. You can view the contents of the call cycle before dialling. Click here for more info.

What's happening in ConnectWise Manage?

An activity is automatically created in ConnectWise Manage when the call screen is opened that is linked to the selected Company, Contact and Campaign.