Selecting an Outcome

Every call requires an outcome - this defines how the conversation ends. Outcomes are grouped i.e. Hot, Warm and Cold - you can have a maximum of 3 groups.

In addition to the three custom groups that can be created, FlashDialler always displays a group titled "No outcome" which contains the following buttons:

  1. No answer
  2. Left voicemail
  3. Unavailable
  4. Left message

Selecting any of these buttons will present the following options:

  1. If the call is an unscheduled call, you can simply leave it as unscheduled and return it to the end of the unscheduled call list. A scheduled call will need to be rescheduled.
  2. Schedule it for a specific date. This will create a todo activity in ConnectWise Manage
  3. Schedule it for a specific date/time. This will create a Calendar activity in ConnectWise Manage


Selecting an outcome will present various options depending on the configuration of the Outcome. 

For example, you could:

  1. Book the appointment on behalf of another ConnectWise Member
  2. Change the Activity Contact 
  3. Create a follow up for another day
  4. Select the calendar icon to view the selected ConnectWise members calendar and add the appointment directly to it
  5. Edit the default Appointment duration
  6. Move the next Activity to another Campaign
  7. Close the call so no further activity is created
  8. Create an Opportunity
  9. Initiate a ConnectWise Track
  10. Send an email

What's happening in ConnectWise Manage?

In the event of a "No Outcome" option being selected, the Activity will simply be closed in Manage and the call sent to the end of the unscheduled call list.


Selecting an "Outcome" will integrate differently with Manage depending on how it has been configured. Examples are:

  1. If an appointment is booked, an Activity of type "Appointment" will be created in ConnectWise Manage. All historical call notes will be copied to the Activity. The Appointment will be saved directly to the selected Members calendar.
  2. Emails sent will be saved to an Activity in Manage of type "email". The body of the email will be saved to the Activity and the sender and recipient will be saved to the subject line. The Activity will be automatically closed by FlashDialler.
  3. If an Outcome is configured to create an Opportunity, the Opportunity will automatically be created in Manage, all historical call notes copied
  4. If a call is rescheduled for another date, it will save as a to-do item in the selected Members Calendar
  5. If a call is rescheduled for another date/time, it will save as an entry in the selected Members Calendar
  6. If you close the call and select the options to opt-out the Contact from future calls, the custom "Do not call" fields will be populated in Manage
  7. Closing the call will permanently close the Activity and the call will not be presented again
  8. If configured, the Outcome may initiate a ConnectWise Track