Configuring Company and Contact opt-out settings

FlashDialler provides a method for ensuring you do not call Companies or Contacts that have requested not to be called. To configure this, you will need to progress through the following steps:

  1. Create ConnectWise Manage custom fields for the Company and Contact records. These are the fields that FlashDialler will populate when a Contact or Company requests not to be called. Watch support video
  2. Update FlashDialler so it's aware of the new custom fields. Watch support video
  3. Configure the relevant Campaign Outcomes to display the opt-out option. Watch support video

Once the following steps have been taken, checkboxes will display when the call is closed for the selected Outcome. You can choose to just opt-out the selected Contact or opt-out at Company level Watch example video

FlashDialler will never serve a call for a Contact or Company that has opted-out from receiving calls.