Configuring system settings

When you first login, you will need to configure the system settings before you can use FlashDialler. Follow the instructions below or view this video.

Click on the "Go to System Settings" button to take you directly to the settings page.

You will need to edit all the default settings before you can use FlashDialler. 

Activity types

FlashDialler needs to know the call related Activity types that it is permitted to work with. Select at least one Activity type and set it to default i.e. Call. 

Call settings

The following settings will customise the integration with ConnectWise Manage.

1. Open activity status: Set the default status you use to define an open Activity.

2. Closed activity status: Set the default status you use to define a closed Activity.

3. Default activity duration: New Activities created by FlashDialler will default to this value. Please note, this value can be overridden on a per outcome basis.

4. Configuration department: This is a required field in ConnectWise Manage and is used when the Configuration file is created by FlashDialler.

5. Email activity type: FlashDialler can automatically send emails to Contacts and Members. When the email is sent, an Activity is created in ConnectWise Manage and the content of the email copied to the Activity description. The Activity is automatically opened and closed by FlashDialler. Please note: You will need to have at least one activity type selected as an "Email type" in ConnectWise Manage for this dropdown to populate. This can be edited in the ConnectWise Manage setup tables.

6. Display option to send notification: FlashDialler can automatically notify Members by email when they have been assigned Contacts to call. Tick the box if you would like to display this as a prompt when assigning Contacts.

7. Email field: Contacts in ConnectWise can have 3 different email addresses; Email, Home and Private. FlashDialler needs to know which of these you would like to default to when adding a new address via the FlashDialler call screen.

Dashboard metrics

These values are used to set targets for the dashboard metrics. The dashboard dials provide real-time reporting of a users personal performance

1. Calls per day target

2. Calls per hour target

3. Average call length (mins)


There are two options for how emails are sent from FlashDialler. You can either route them via the FlashDialler SMTP server, in which case you will need to update the DNS for your domain to include a new SPF record. Or, you can route through your own SMTP server.

Option #1: Route via the FlashDialler SMTP server:

Add this record to your domain: v=spf1 ~all

Option #2: Route via your own SMTP server:

Add the following information:

1. Host Server address

2. Port number

3. Username

4. Password

5. Send from email address

Next step

When complete, save your changes and proceed to the next step - Linking ConnectWise Members to FlashDialler.

Opt-out settings

Select the ConnectWise Manage custom fields that denote if the Company or Contact has opted-out from being called. To use this function, you will need to take these steps.