Phone integration

FlashDialler can be configured to connect to your phone system when making calls. There are currently three options:

  1. Connect to a TAPI compliant phone system
  2. Bria X or Bria Teams
  3. Connect to Skype/Other SIP client using TEL link 
  4. 3CX (Coming June 2019)
  5. Microsoft Teams (TBA)
  6. Mitel (TBA)

The benefits of options 1 and 2, are that the call can be started and ended directly from the FlashDialler call page. No intervention with your phone is required.

Option 3 will simply initiate the call by copying the number into the client software, where you will need to start and end the call manually. 


To configure phone integration, select "My settings" from the "Settings" menu item. 

From the dropdown list, select "Phone Integration".


The configuration page will display. Select either of the two options. 

If you use a dial prefix to gain an outside line, you can enter it here.

Integrating with TAPI

If you have selected TAPI, you will need to download a small system tray application that will facilitate communication between FlashDialler and your phone system. Select the "Click to download" button to download this application and install it. 

Once the program has run, a window will appear requesting a port number. In most cases the default of "27822" can be used, however this can be changed if required. 

Once installed, go back to the settings page and ensure you have entered the same port number that has been defined in the system tray application. 

Click "Refresh" to load the available phone lines into the dropdown list and make a selection. Sometimes this can take a few clicks on the refresh button before the available extensions will display.

Your connection should now be established. You can test it by entering a number into the "Test your connection" box.

SIP or Skype integration

Selecting the SIP/Skype integration will allow you to automatically copy the telephone number from FlashDialler to your phone client software. Please note, this option utilises the Windows "TEL" protocol to initiate the call. You will need to ensure this is configured correctly in Windows. 

Configuring the Windows TEL Protocol

Click on the Windows start icon and type "Protocol".

Select "Choose a default app for each protocol".


The "Choose default apps by protocol" window will display. Scroll down until you reach the "TEL" protocol.

Click on the item next to TEL: Protocol and select your client from the list.

When you start a call from FlashDialler, it will now automatically paste the telephone number into your selected client software.

Configuring Bria X or Bria Teams

To integrate with either Bria X or Bria Teams, select Bria X from the "My Settings" menu. Try testing the call from the "Test your connection" window. 

The first time you initiate a call, Bria may prompt requesting authorisation as per the image below. Select "Allow Access"