Linking ConnectWise Members to FlashDialler

Before you can add Members in FlashDialler, you must ensure their ConnectWise permissions have been updated as per this list: 

Company Maintenance - Add, Edit, Inquire
Contacts- Add, Edit, Inquire
CRM/Sales Activities - Add, Edit, Inquire
Configurations -  Add, Edit, Inquire
Tracks - Add, Edit, Inquire, Delete

Opportunity - Add, Edit, Inquire

Service Desk 
Resource Scheduling - Inquire


To start adding members to FlashDialler, select the "Settings" main menu item, followed by the "Manage users" item.

FlashDialler will automatically display all ConnectWise Members, but before they can use FlashDialler, they will need to be linked. Linking a Member allows FlashDialler to add Activities and other information to ConnectWise Manage as if it were that Member.

Linking Users

  • Select "Settings" from the main menu
  • Select "Manage users" from the sub menu
  • Select the "Not linked" radio button at the top right of the grid
  • Locate the user you would like to link to FlashDialler, and select the checkbox next to their name
  • Select the "link users" button at the top of the grid (The user will receive an email containing a link to a page where they can add their FlashDialler password).
  • The user will move to the view displaying all linked users
  • By default, the new user will be given the base role of "User". To elevate their permissions, select the checkbox next to their name followed by the "Set role" button


You will have the option of elevating them to the following roles:

Manager - has access to:

  • Home
  • Campaigns
  • Reports


  • All

The new user will need a dialler licence to make calls. For help adding a licence, click here.