Managing licences and your subscription

Flashdialler licencing has been developed to be as flexible possible. A licence is only required for those users making calls - all other users can use FlashDialler with no charge whatsoever which can be useful for Managers needing to run reports or users responsible for configuring FlashDialler.

Licences are added to a pool and subsequently assigned to users. If a user no longer needs a licence, simply reassign it to another user or revoke it and remove it from the licence pool - your monthly bill will be adjusted accordingly.

Free trial licences

When in a free trial, you can add as many licences to the pool as you require.

Watch the "Adding licences to the licence pool" video.

Once licences have been added to the pool, you will need to assign a licence to a user.

Watch the "Assigning licences to users" video.


If you decide to continue using FlashDialler after your trial, you will need to set the required number of licences (if you need to reduce your count, you may need to revoke licences from the users first) and add billing information to your account. FlashDialler will automatically charge your credit card every month thereafter until you cancel your subscription. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Watch the "Setting up your subscription" video.


Adding additional licences to an active subscription

If you add new licences to an active subscription, FlashDialler will automatically charge a pro-rated amount for the time up until your next monthly billing date. After which, the new licence(s) will be billed on a per month basis along with your existing licences.

Removing licences from an active subscription

If you remove licences from an active subscription, they will still function up until your next monthly billing date. They can be reactivated at any time before this date.

Cancelling your subscription

If you would like to cancel your subscription to FlashDialler, visit the licensing page, select the "Manage subscription" tab and select "Cancel subscription". FlashDialler will set your subscription for the end of your billing cycle and no further billing will occur. Your instance of FlashDialler will be deleted, including data and settings.